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Pennsylvania Sports Betting 2020

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Legal since: 10-30-2017
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Pennsylvania Flag
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Legal since: 10-30-2017

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Pennsylvania Online Sports Betting: Quick Overview 2020

Pennsylvania is a liberal state when it comes to sports betting and gambling overall, and sports betting is legal all throughout the state. PA is well-known for its casinos and sportsbooks and for giving gamblers plenty of options to pick and choose from if they are interested in wagering. The state is currently busy expanding its gambling opportunities and is working to be one of the premiere gambling destinations for the northeast.

Introduction into the Pennsylvania Gambling Industry

Pennsylvania got its start with horse betting through horse races back in the 1960’s. Sports betting laws in Pennsylvania have been changing significantly in the last few decades, and the state and modern sports betting has only been around since 2006 with support for six race tracks throughout the state. Today online sports betting and sports betting in person are allowed, making the Pennsylvania sports betting industry into one of the more liberal and accepting industries overall.

Landbased Sports Betting Legal Situation

Landbased sports betting has been legal in Pennsylvania for many years, but betting on professional and collegiate sports has been legal in the state since 2017. There are many different land based locations to visit throughout the state, making Pennsylvania a good place to be if you enjoy wagering today. There are more locations opening in the state and there are locations available in most sections of the state as well for the biggest impact. Below is an overview of most of the casinos and the Pennsylvania betting locations available.

  • Hollywood
  • SugarHouse
  • Rivers
  • Parx
  • Hurrah’s Philadelphia
  • Valley Forge
  • Mohegan Sun Pocono
  • Mount Airy

Online Sports Betting Legal Situation

Online betting in Pennsylvania has been legal since 2017 and is legal for a wide range of sports betting activities. Gamblers that would like to take advantage of this can place wagers using one of the several different betting platforms currently available. Pennsylvania sports betting is one of the most successful in the country and is only growing and improving as time goes by. Online wagering allows for mobile gambling and in-person gambling as well depending on what the players are interested in.

Most of the casinos and sportsbooks throughout the state are planning on releasing their own mobile apps in the future as well. Below is an overview of the sportsbooks that currently have an online presence in the state and more are expected to add their services as well. The sportsbooks that already offer their services to the public have websites and mobile apps available. There are many different ways to access these platforms, but gamblers must be able to prove they are located within the state in order to use the services. If they’re outside of the state they aren’t permitted to wager on the platform at all.

Mobile Sports Betting Gambling Situation

Just as online sports betting is legal in the state of Pennsylvania, mobile wagering is also legal. Mobile wagering is available at some of the big name locations in Pennsylvania, and other sportsbooks and casinos are hard at work developing their own apps and mobile features to offer to gamblers around the state. With a good variety of sportsbooks to choose from, there will many different mobile platforms to wager on soon enough. Because of the Wire Act each mobile platform must verify a user’s location before allowing them to place wagers on the site. This is done through location tracking software and tools.

Online Sports Betting Operator Licensing Process

Getting a sports betting operator license in Pennsylvania is difficult to do because a limited number of these licenses are given out. Interested businesses must pay a licensing fee each year as well as one of the steepest slot machine taxes of 55% of revenue. Poker and table games are only taxed at 14%, but other forms of sports betting comes with a healthy tax as well. Getting started in Pennsylvania is something that many casino operators are able to do each year, but the process can be costly and time-consuming. Most operators entering the industry are experienced and have successful casinos and sportsbooks elsewhere in the world already.

Pennsylvania Online Sportsbook List 2020

Operator NameLandbased Partner
FanDuel SportsbookResorts
Sugarhouse SportsbookSugar House
FOX BetResorts Casino Hotel Atlantic City

History of Gambling in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has a relatively short history when it comes to sports betting laws, casinos and wagering overall when compared to other states. Sports betting in Pennsylvania, at least horse race wagering, has been legal since 1965 when several tracks were approved. From that point on Pennsylvania has been developing into one of the more dominant racing and gambling states in the northeast. Slot casinos became legal in 2004 and 14 different slot parlors opened up across the country. In 2006 six race track licenses were given out for PA and tracks were developed around the state to draw in visitors from the surrounding states.

In 2018 Pennsylvania began offering sportsbooks for wagering on professional and collegiate sports. Then in 2019 some of those sportsbooks expanded online, giving residents all throughout the state a way to place wagers conveniently without having to make a trip to one of the local sportsbooks. Sports betting in Pennsylvania is quickly expanding and Pennsylvania is easily making a name for itself as a gambling powerhouse in the United States.  Even though Pennsylvania is new to online wagering and gambling in general, it’s already bringing in more money from the gambling industry than any other state in the country other than Nevada, which makes it a pretty serious contender and a powerful wagering solution that only seems to be growing over time.

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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are several different sites that you can use to gamble online in Pennsylvania. Online gambling has been legal since 2019.

Gamblers can choose from 4 different betting sites to wager at in Pennsylvania. More sites are being added each year and gamblers should have several different options to choose from when selecting a place to play at.

There are many good options to choose to wager on in the state, and choosing the very best can be difficult to do because many options stand out in their own way.

It became available in 2017 for gamblers looking to place wagers. There were several sportsbooks to choose from early on and more are being opened still.

Online gambling didn’t become legal in Pennsylvania until 2018 and platforms became available to use in 2019. Today gamblers have many different options to choose from to wager on.

You can play anywhere in the state on one of the several different mobile platforms for sports betting that are available today.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board is responsible for keeping an eye on online gambling and making sure that the operators are offering services that players can make use of safely and reliably.

Responsible Online Gambling

For some gamblers addiction is a real problem and can take away the fun from wagering online or in person. That’s why it’s important that there is help available to those that need it. Gamblers can reach out to the Department of Drug and Alcohol programs and get help with problem gambling. There is a helpline as well as live chat services available to anyone in need of help. There are other national and state-wide organizations available for the issue as well, making it simple to reach out for help no matter who the person is or what sort of gambling addiction they suffer from. There are deposit limits that can be set for different casinos and sportsbooks. It’s also possible for players to lock themselves out of these sites and the physical locations as well. Getting good help doesn’t have to be difficult, interested gamblers just need to take the time to learn more about these resources.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS): Win with Expertise

Daily Fantasy Sports, like sportsbook wagering is legal in Pennsylvania, making it simple to try sports wagering in a different way. Daily Fantasy Sports is a new take on the more traditional fantasy sports leagues. With daily fantasy sports, there is a pool of players that all build their own fantasy team of players. The player that does the best out of all the different teams ends up with the most points and will win that prize pool. Sometimes there are a few players that win together, but either way, there is a huge amount of money to be won by the lucky player that manages to come ahead with a prize payout.

With daily fantasy sports a team of players from different teams within the sport is assembled. The performance of each of those different players in real life determines how many points they are worth on the fantasy team. Gamblers can win huge amounts if they have players that do really well. Each of the fantasy league sites has its own specific rules, but there are many options to pick from and to play around with when trying to find a place to wager online. Gamblers that are looking for a more strategic wagering option might enjoy a daily fantasy league, though winning is mostly based on luck. The players that want to try for massive prize wins will want to look at daily fantasy sports as a way to come out ahead in a big way.

Social Casinos: If you want to play, but not for real

After the PA sports betting update in 2017 gamblers have been able to participate in Pennsylvania sports betting conveniently. There are several different sportsbooks throughout the state that make wagering simple to do. Wagering with real money isn’t for everyone though. There are some gamblers that prefer to play at social casinos instead. These online casinos are a casual gambling experience that don’t come with real monetary risk. Instead, the gamblers involved with them wager with play money. Each of the different gamblers is given play money to wager with on the different games. Winning in those games, or placing successful sports wagers results in more paid money being given out as a reward.

Over time some players will win play money while the rest lose their money to the sportsbook or casual casino page. Eventually the players can wager a larger amount of money and place more difficult wagers and try more difficult games. Social casinos offer many of the same features that make standard casinos so enjoyable, they just come without the risk of losing any actual money, which can keep them from being as exciting. Gamblers looking for a way to play without paying will enjoy these options ad they can start playing at any time that they want to.

Gambling Guide

Permitted / Offered?Notes & Restrictions
Land-Based CasinosYes
Online GamblingYes
Sports BettingYes
Daily Fantasy SportsYes
House GamblingYesThey are not prohibited as long as they aren’t advertised and fees and rakes aren’t taken.
Minimum Gambling Age21