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Michigan Online Casinos 2020

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Planned for: 2020
Possible Regulation in 2020
  • No government regulation currently in place
  • House Bill 4311 and Senate Bill 186 for planned for 2020
  • Technically, there's no law against online gambling
  • But since there's no law for it either, it's not 100% legal
  • Authority: Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB)
Michigan Flag
Michigan Silhouette
Planned for: 2020

Michigan Online Casinos: Quick Overview 2020

Those that are interested in learning more about the casinos in Michigan and whether they’re legal or not is something that can be done. With the use of the information we have gathered for you, you are able to learn whether you can play legally within the many casinos in Michigan, both on-site and online, because you will know more about the legality of gambling in the area. This can provide even more people with a way to learn more about the casinos in Michigan reviews and all that comes with playing with them.

Introduction into Michigan Gambling Industry

The Michigan gambling industry is one that is not as advanced as others might currently have. The casino in Michgan entertainment is something that can either be illegal or legal depending on the type of gaming that is being done. Learn more about the gambling in Michigan that can be done with each of the sections below and whether or not they are legal.

With land-based casinos, online casinos, and mobile casino options; everyone is able to do the gaming that they want and need to do to have a good time and provide themselves with the entertainment they want through the casinos in Michigan, regardless of which one you want to use, or if you want to check all of the options out on your own.

Land-based Casino Legal Situation

Casinos in Michigan that are based on land are legal if they are on Indian reservations. Finding a casino in Michigan on Indian reservations is easy to do, with many options to go with. Many of them provide both table games and slots for those that want to visit them. While some offer alcoholic drinks, as well as events, it is important to know more about the gambling in Michigan that can be done in these casinos. Here are some of the on-site casinos you can visit on Indian reservations throughout the state of Michigan.

  • FireKeepers Casino
  • Four Winds Casino
  • Turtle Creek Casino
  • Bay Mills Casino
  • Kewadin Casino
  • MGM Grand Casino
  • MotorCity Casino
  • Little River Casino
  • Soaring Eagles Landing Casino

Online Casino Legal Situation

Online gambling within the state of Michigan is currently illegal to state residents. That means that locals aren't able to gamble using computers or mobile phones. Instead, they must travel to local casinos in order to place their wagers. Although this is less convenient than gambling in person, there are many casino options throughout the state available to most residents. Michigan lawmakers are currently considering online wagering, but no formal legislation is being pushed through for it yet.

Mobile Casino Gambling Situation

Just like with standard online casino gambling, mobile wagering isn't legal within the state either. Players in Michigan only get an opportunity to legally wager on mobile when visiting local casinos that have mobile features available through local apps. These features count points, track loyalty bonuses and offer other features to players. Gamblers that want to experience mobile online wagering will have to travel to a different state where it is legal to do so. That's the only way to legally enjoy mobile wagering in the state.

Online Casino Operator Licensing Process

There currently isn't any way to legally set up an online casino in Michigan state. Those that want to become a casino operator for a land-based casino in the state of Michigan have to show proof of their property and casino. They also have to provide documentation on the types of games, employees, their goals, and more that will be in the building and provided to players that will frequent the area.

Since casinos have to be on Indian reservations, they have to provide proof of this when they hand in their paperwork for the license to operate in the state.

Licensed through the Michigan Gaming Commission, those that are providing this type of gaming to the players need to obtain the best license. The casinos in Michigan that are currently owned and operated are done so through a legal means and are on Indian reservation lands.

While the gaming commission does oversee the casinos in Michigan Indian Reservation buildings, the majority of the casinos is overseen through the tribal governments and the National Indian Gaming Commission for the property. They then ensure that they follow all of the licensing that is needed.

The licensing requirements are simple for the area, especially those running on tribal lands, as these are not regulated through the government or gaming commission. They do have to follow the specific safety rules for building codes, though so the casinos in Michigan that are ran through Indian reservations are completely safe and provide legal entertainment for everyone.

Michigan Online Casino List 2020

No legal operator yet

History of Gambling in Michigan

Mostly not used throughout the state, gambling in Michigan was something that didn’t become very popular until after the early 1970’s. In the beginning, horse racing was a popular pastime, though this has become less common for the area.

In the 1990’s, both Native American tribes and a few smaller casinos came together to open up and provide casinos in Michigan to those in the area. The smaller casinos were opened in Detroit and hoped to provide more income and revenue for the city that was quickly going downhill.

Now, the Native American tribes have become the biggest land-based casinos within the state, though Detroit continues to provide casinos to those in the area that want to spend their money, but all of the money that goes into the casinos is taxed and put back into the economy. While this has shown improvement in the last few months, it doesn’t seem like enough to keep the city afloat.

Michigan online gambling isn't currently an option, but there's hope that it will become available in the future. Players continue to wait for online wagering to be released, meanwhile local casinos continue to expand their services and try to bring in new customers throughout the state.

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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can't legally gamble online in the state of Michigan currently. Players that want to gamble online will have to wait until they visit a state that's legalized the option already. New Jersey and Pennsylvania are just a few of those options. 

There are currently 0 legal online casinos within the state.

The best online casino in Michigan doesn't exist at this time because online gambling isn't legal yet. Instead players will have to decide on their favorite local casino.

There has never been an official law that states that online casinos in Michigan are legal to play in, gamblers are still waiting for the ability to place wagers online in the state.

Online gambling in Michigan is something that never actually became legal in the state. 

Mobile wagering isn't allowed just like online gambling isn't in Michigan. The only form of mobile wagering is possible at landbased locations that offer local mobile features to their guests. 

Online Gambling?"]In Michigan, online gambling is not regulated, so there is currently no governing office that oversees it. However, for land-based casinos, the Michigan Gaming Commission is the governing office, or for tribal casinos, they would speak with their own tribal government that helps oversee their casino.

Responsible Online Gambling

Gambling in Michigan responsibly is something that should be done by every player that is going to be playing online or on-site. This is because you have to do so with the intention of being able to stop when needed.

Setting a budget for yourself and knowing when to stop are two of the biggest things you should do to ensure that you’re responsibly enjoying the gaming that you are doing.

Those that are dealing with gambling issues should reach out to one of these offices for help. They can provide therapy and further help for those that want to overcome their gambling addiction.

In addition to these organizations, there are also private therapy offices that provide additional help for those that are dealing with gambling addictions. They welcome everyone that requires help but doesn’t want to reach out to the other organizations.

Social Casinos: If you want to play, but not for real

Unlike other states, Michigan has weird rules when it comes to social gaming. Social gaming, though oftentimes it doesn’t have to do with money, is something that is not allowed. It is illegal to get a group of individuals together and play social gaming games. This is because there is no proof that those sitting at the table are not betting cash while playing.

Casinos in Michigan allow players to go to the site to play, as well as online gaming options, but it is important that house gaming and gambling with others in a social setting is not allowed. This also includes those poker runs or charity events that offer gambling to raise money.

The right casino in Michigan with entertainment can provide the fun people need, without having to worry about putting on a poker game within a home.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS): Win with Expertise

Daily Fantasy Sports is legal throughout the state of Michigan because there are currently no laws that state that this is something that is illegal within the state, or any other state in the area. With many of the top name DFS names such as FanDuel and DraftKings providing DFS and other sports betting for those that wish to take advantage of the fun that comes with building out your own team, you have many options to choose from.

DFS is considered a game of skill rather than that of luck, which is what reduces the chances of making this illegal. Gambling in general is thought of as being luck based. DFS requires that the player choose players in sports that they feel are strong and going to do well in the sport they are playing for the season. If they do not, the player does not win anything.

In addition to this, they may not even offer money but prizes or points that can be traded for prizes from the DFS site. Gambling in Michigan is thought of when there is a transfer of money between the player and the site. They put money down to play the game and become a part of the club.

If you want to learn more about Daily Fantasy Sports that can be played in the area, then click on the link below to learn even more. This provides more information into the available sites that welcome players to them, while providing the quality gaming that is needed.

Gambling Guide

Permitted / Offered?Notes & Restrictions
Land-Based CasinosYes
Online GamblingYes
Sports BettingNoHorse betting and DFS are two sports betting options that are legal, all other sports betting is currently not regulated in the state.
LotteryYesBoth state-wide lottery options and multi-state options are available and legal to play.
Daily Fantasy SportsYes
House GamblingNo
Minimum Gambling Age18 or 2118 for all gambling options besides some land-based casinos that offer alcohol within their establishments, where it is 21 years of age.