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Michigan Lottery Games

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Michigan Lottery
Michigan Lottery
  • It is completely legal to play.
  • It offers on-line and scratch off games to interested individuals.
  • Michigan lottery games supports public institutions.
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Michigan lottery games continue to be one of those very lucrative opportunities where players get to enjoy the privilege of winning awesome prizes. One interesting thing about these games is its endless opportunities presented to players in forms of fascinating odds that players get to enjoy. Michigan lottery games best odds make it more realistic and relatively possible for players to get a winning of their life whenever the odds come in their favor.

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Michigan Lottery Games: How to Play

One of the responsibilities of the States is to cater for the wellbeing of its citizens by providing the best in infrastructure and amenities. States achieve this function, among many other functions, by judiciously allocating funds disbursed to it from Federal government and in many other cases, States take care of these expenses using internally generated revenue. The State of Michigan has been doing so well in this regard, that is, catering for her citizens by providing amenities and infrastructure. Among the various ways that Michigan State raise her internally generated revenues is through the Michigan lottery games. With its incredible odds and offers, the Michigan lottery games create an incredible opportunity for the Michigan State to kill two birds with a stone. First, the State gets to create a modern recreational infrastructure with numerous game offers and impressive prize possibilities for players. Second, the Michigan State gets to use proceeds and revenue from Michigan lottery games to support her public schools.

As mentioned earlier, the Michigan lottery games present its players with a whole bunch of interesting game offers with which players can make winnings of their lives. Among the numerous game offers that the Michigan lottery games present its players are on-line and scratch-off games. In terms of composition, the Michigan lottery games is broadly comprised of three gaming components. They included lottery products, current draw games, and online gaming. Under lottery products, we have scratch games and terminal-based games. Current draw games have a whole bunch of offers. There are three basic sub classification under current draw games. They include in-house draw games, in-house club games, and multi-jurisdictional games. Examples of in-house draw games are Daily 3 and Daily 4, Fantasy 5 + ezMatch, and Lotto 47 + ezMatch. Examples of in-house club games are Club Keno, Pull-tabs, and Keno! Examples of multi-jurisdictional games are Lucky for Life, Mega Millions, and Powerball.

A Little Trip down the History Lane

Given its long-standing history and how far it has come, it wouldn’t be fair not to give a brief annotation about the history of the Michigan lottery games. It will be relatively difficult, if not impossible, to talk about the history of Michigan lottery without making mention of the Green Ticket game. The Michigan lottery came into existence that the time the Green Ticket game was initiated. The Green Ticket game started on November 13, 1972. Not so long after its initiation, one lucky player, an Hermus Millsaps of Taylor, Michigan, made the first spotlight of the Green Ticket game as he won a whooping prize of $1 million on February 22 of 1973, a year after the game began.

As at the time of this glamorous winning, Mr. Millsaps was a 53-year old native of Tennessee and a worker at the Chrysler Automobile Plant. History has it that Mr. Millsaps wasn’t so very handy with money and he suffered bad fate of making poor life choices and decision. This was evident as he and his wife spent their $1 million grand winning on bus fare to Lansing. He got so bad for Mr. Millsaps and his wife that the first Michigan Lottery Commissioner then, Gus Harrison, had to arrange for a lottery agent to drive Mr. Millsaps and his wife home.

Significant landmarks began to surfaced in the wake of 1975. The first instant game ticket was purchased on October 7, 1975. June 6, 1977, marked the commencement of terminal-based games and the introduction of Michigan lottery Daily 3. On August 13, 1984, the first “Michigan Lotto” game was introduced. Then called The Big Game, the first Mega Millions ticket was sold on August 31, 1996. According to report provided by the Michigan State, the Michigan lottery games since its commencement have donated nothing less than $20.7 billion to the School Aid Fund.

More about Michigan Lottery Games

The Michigan lottery games serve to achieve three purposes. In other words, it’s guided by three clearly-defined mission statement namely:

  • To maximize net revenues to supplement state education programs;
  • To provide fun and entertaining games of chance; and
  • To operate all games and bureau functions with nothing less than total integrity.

With Brian O. Neil appointed as the Michigan Lottery Commissioner on March 25, 2018, the management of funds and revenue generated from the Michigan lottery games has been very impressive. In 2018, the Michigan lottery games contributed $941.3 million to Michigan education; $924.1 million in 2017; $888.9 million in 2016; $795.5 million in 2015; $742.8 million in 2014; and $734.3 million in 2013. Statistics show that the Michigan lottery games provided about $2.5 million each day in FY18 for schools. In terms of where each lottery dollar goes, 62% goes to prizes for players, 26% goes to the School Aid Fund, 9% goes to commissions for vendors and retailers, and 3% goes to the Lottery’s ongoing operations and administrative costs. By way of summation, 97% of every dollar spent on Lottery products directly benefits the State.

Online Gaming in Michigan Lottery Games

With the advancement in technology, the Michigan lottery games continue to satisfy its player audience by presenting them with more interesting, fun, and relatively convenient ways to play Michigan lottery games. The Michigan lottery does this by leveraging on technology to make this development happen. In August 2014, the Michigan lottery took a big step forward by relaunching its website. This open more rooms for interesting opportunities such that players can now buy tickets for some draw games and a host of “virtual” scratch-off games over the Internet. Among other development that the Michigan lottery has undergone is the evolution that as taken place in selection of games. Contrary what was obtained in the earliest timeline of Michigan lottery’s existence, the selection of games has now evolved such that players can now include nearly all draw-based terminal games (excluding Daily 3 and Daily 4), several different versions of instant Keno games, and many different virtual scratch-off games. There has now been changes in the range for online game prizes. The most important thing to know here is that variation in prizes for online games is now dependent on the cost of the ticket purchased. Nevertheless, prizes for online games can be as high as $500,000. Two conditions must be met to purchase online games that Michigan lottery offers. First, interested player must be a Michigan resident. Secondly, interested player must be physically present in the State of Michigan when playing.

How best to Play the Michigan Lottery Games?

The simple and logical answer to this question is by all means. Think of it this way: Michigan lottery games present an awesome avenue for Michigan residents to have quality fun experience and entertainment while at the same time performing their duties as an upstanding citizen and Michigan residents by contributing to Michigan education (remember that 97% of every dollar spent on Lottery products directly benefits the State). Isn’t that one of the coolest offers in life? Take a practical step to having some quality fun while contributing your quota to development of education in the State. Visit our Lottery Comparison Page to choose an operator today for your preferred option in the Michigan lottery games. Visit the page to also get quality information on other aspects of the game, like Michigan lottery games best odds online.

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Conclusion: Should I play Michigan Lottery Games?

The Michigan lottery games offers numerous options of online and scratch-off games for interested players to win awesome prizes and at the same time contribute to Michigan education. Michigan lottery instant games, Michigan lottery games online (that’s to the Michigan lottery official website), and other interesting features make playing it an excellent decision. The only two requirements that must be met to play the Michigan lottery games are that interested players much be Michigan residents and must be in the State when playing.

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