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BetAmerica Horse Racing

Why the Platform is Impressive
  • BetAmerica is a feature-rich racebook
  • Watch live video feeds of races on more than 425 different tracks
  • There are exciting promotions to unlock
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Quality racebooks are difficult to find, especially sites that are online, and that’s why the BetAmerica horse racing platform stands out. While many sites lack in race variety, or feature difficult-to-use wagering tools, BetAmerica is easy to use and offers coverage for hundreds of different tracks around the world. Horse racing enthusiasts, dog racing enthusiasts and interested bettors for events around the world can all get in on the action at Bet America. Learn more about the features, promotions and special perks of wagering at the site below.

Try BetAmerica Visit now
Try BetAmerica Visit now

Using the BetAmerica Horse Racing Platform

The BetAmerica Horse Racing platform is one of the major reasons that players get started at Bet America. Even though the sportsbook offers a good blend of sports betting features, it has a very impressive blend of features and wagering opportunities for race enthusiasts. Race fans should take the time to get to know the different features offered by the racebook so they know exactly what they can expect by using BetAmerica login site. With access to features like in-depth stats, live race footage, exciting promotions and more, there is something for every sort of gambler to enjoy about the racebook.

BetAmerica Horse Racing: Helpful Stats for Each Horse

After becoming a member of BetAmerica a variety of useful horse racing features become available, making it possible to view helpful information, place wagers on different events and enjoy those events even more. Learn more about the many different features down below and exactly what you can expect with a membership to this online racebook.

Organized Race Options: Make Use of Powerful Filtering Tools

Easily search through different horse races split up by time throughout the day with the Today’s Races tool under the “Racing” tab. All of the day’s races are listed on that page. It’s also possible to view races for specific times of the day and to organize them by the track type and the day of the week for quickly finding specific races for a track you’re interested in. This powerful filtering tool is available at the Race Schedule page on the Bet America horse racing platform. The tool is simple to use and makes placing bets on the different BetAmerica horse racing offerings fast.

Helpful Horse Stats

Before placing a wager on any of the different horses in a given race, it’s a good idea to look back on the past performances of that horse. It’s possible to get a quick snapshot of past success on Bet America using the Wins/Starts stat for each horse as well as the Power Rating and Odds. These three stats are available for every horse in each race. With these three bits of information it’s simple to see just how likely it is a certain horse will win the race before you place your wager. It’s also possible to see the BetAmerica horse racing results from past races easily, and this information can be used to help with placing wagers as well.

View Live Racing Video

As a member of BetAmerica players will enjoy access to live race video feeds as well as wagering opportunities for the different races. Gamblers that can’t get access to all the different race videos they want to watch will thoroughly enjoy access to all these video feeds from around the world. See the races as they happen and find out whether or not your wagers were successful. There are video feeds available for each of the different races featured on the site, but only members have access to them. That’s another reason for racing enthusiasts to consider joining the racebook today. There are video feeds for more than 425 different tracks around the world and it’s possible to go back and look at previous race video footage as well for players that want to watch historical races.

Wagering on Carryovers

For more difficult race wagers that include multiple winner picks there’s often no winner at all. When this happens the total prize pool is carried over to another race instead. This creates a larger winning pool for players to try and make use of. Carryovers are an exciting betting opportunity with higher potential payouts, and these wagers are available on the BetAmerica horse racing app as well as on the standard online platform.

All these different features help players make the most of their time on the horse racing platform. Gamblers interested in wagering on different horse races should take some time to visit the BetAmerica horse racing site and start making use of the different features available.

Use Mobile Platform: Convenient Gambling from Anywhere

Many players are happy to place their horse wagers on the standard desktop or laptop betting platform for Bet America. There are other players that want to place BetAmerica horse racing wagers while on a mobile device as well. For all those players there is a mobile app available for iOS and Android users that want to bet while on the go. The app is available for download and offers all the standard features that are made available on the standard platform for the site.

Interested gamblers can get the app through the website itself for Android users, or the iTunes app store for iOS users. The iOS app is designed to work with iOS 9.0 devices or later and will work on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without issue. Players must be 17 or older in order to download the app, and only users 21 or older may place any wagers using the app. Android users must download the sportsbook app file from the Bet America website and install it manually.

Users that want to make use of the mobile apps to place wagers must be physically located in New Jersey when loading up the apps. This means downloading the software and then allowing location services to be turned on to prove you are located in New Jersey. While outside of NJ mobile wagers can’t be placed and the app won’t function properly.

Rewarding Promotional Offers: Get up to $500 in Deposit Bonuses

New players at Bet America can unlock up to $500 in deposit match bonus money by getting started at Bet America. In order to do this the player only needs to register for an account and complete the initial deposit into that account. Once you’ve filled your account with real money you can get up to $100 in bonus credits by completing the below steps.

  • Fund your account with up to $100 to qualify for the maximum bonus credit
  • Place wagers on different races from around the world.
  • 10% of each wager placed will be released as bonus credit until the maximum amount is met

New players can get up to $100 in a cash match bonus but must place $1000 in wagers at the racebook before unlocking the full bonus amount for use. Cash bonuses can be withdrawn or used to wager with but are more difficult than what’s offered by many other racebooks today.

Along with offering a deposit bonus, players at the Bet America racebook can also qualify for reward bonuses on every wager while placing BetAmerica horse racing bets. This is thanks to the Wager Rewards program. Players involved in this program will earn Reward Points for every $1.00 wagered on different races. This reward amount is adjusted depending on the type of race, the race location and the reward level of the player. These special BetAmerica bonus points can be exchanged for wagering credits to place more and more wagers giving players another reason to continue playing at Bet America.

Bet America offers a powerful racebook with exciting features available to players interested in getting the very most from their time wagering online. The site makes it easy for players to join, offers good features to mobile players and also gives out respectable promotions to keep players coming back for more. Thanks to all these different features it’s rewarding to use the racebook platform.

Try BetAmerica Visit now
Try BetAmerica Visit now

Get up to $100 in Bonus Credits

Race enthusiasts can get up to $100 in bonus credits just by joining and placing wagers at Bet America. The horse racing platform offers a nice blend of features that we compare to other options in the chart below. Look at our comparison yourself or test the racebook out to see what is so special about it. Join today and start working toward up to $100 in credits today.

Conclusion: BetAmerica Racebook is Powerful
The BetAmerica horse racing platform is a powerful tool for racing enthusiasts that want to wager on events from around the world. It’s designed specifically for New Jersey gamblers and gives them access to features like live wagering and in-depth odds and statistics. These tools are even available on mobile. With all the different features wagering at Bet America is an enjoyable experience for many.

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